The Covenant School Title background

Our Mission & Core Values

Core Values



At The Covenant School, we value and celebrate the curiosity embedded in the heart and mind of every child. Our children’s questions, their explorations, their attempts at understanding, are all encouraged by an atmosphere of inquiry and student-centered teaching. The children of The Covenant School are encouraged through the integration of timeless Truth in every area of study to fully explore their questions about God. In a learning-rich environment, curiosity about God develops in a way that fosters a love of discovery, which in turn plants the seeds of life-long learning and faith.



Intentionality is evident in every facet of The Covenant School. In the classroom, teachers are dedicated to knowing each child and differentiating instruction in order to successfully teach every student. We stress the importance of respect and trust, and this, combined with the uniqueness of being known, fosters the safety and security that children need to learn and grow. Celebration of one another, and the joy that naturally ensues, is a unique mark of our community.



The Covenant School is a community of families and professionals committed to being authentic in the pursuit of their relationship with God. We believe in the timeless Truth of the Word of God found in scripture and in His creation. We recognize God’s hand in everything from Science and English to Parent Association events to faculty meetings. The authentic freedom found in Christ allows our school community to be courageous and vulnerable, full of deep learning and fearless teaching.

Our Mission

The Covenant School is a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church, created to assist Christian parents and the church by providing an exceptional academic education founded upon and informed by the Word of God. Our greatest desire is that our students will know God. We equip our students to have a biblical worldview, to embrace their calling in this world as image-bearers of God, to impact culture and society for Christ, and to realize their potential for the greater purpose of glorifying and enjoying God forever.

Statement of Faith

As a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church, The Covenant School adheres to solid biblical theology. Our doctrinal basis is the Bible, which is the inspired and inerrant Word of God, and subordinate to it, the Westminster Confession of Faith, which is the faithful summary of reformed biblical theology.

“Reformed” defines the doctrinal beliefs of the Presbyterian Church in America, which holds that the purist expressions of scriptural doctrine are found in the Calvinistic creeds, particularly the Westminster Confession of Faith.