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To Be Known

Teacher reading to students with apples on their heads

To Be Known

by Christy Johnson, Director of Communications

Recently my 7th-grade son was able to put into words what he misses most about The Covenant School and I was blown away by his insightfulness!  He said, “I miss being known.”  I think my heart about stopped.  He articulated, so simply and beautifully, that most basic need inside of all of us:  to be fully known and fully loved. We all want to be known and delighted in; we were made for it!  We were created to be in a relationship with our heavenly Father and others.

As I interact around the school with children, it is so obvious how they take this basic need for granted.  Their world is small and everyone inside that world knows them.  Children do not put on a mask of pretense, trying to be someone they think they should be.  They simply expect to be known and delighted in.  I can’t be in a classroom for any amount of time without a child asking me to watch him or her do something.  My heart smiles at their innocence and expectation of being enjoyed for simply being themselves.  “See me! Know me! Enjoy me!” is what they are really asking when they ask me to watch them.

I am not sure when or how it happens, but as we age, we somehow lose that expectation of being known and delighted in.  We begin to realize that relationships can be hard and painful.  We start to cover up the things we think will turn people away from us.  We learn to hide our true insecurities and put on a mask of confidence. As my son starts middle school, I know he is beginning to feel the ache of the world telling him he needs to hide.  Yet, his soul cries out to be known and loved just as he is.  As his childhood slips away, his need for relationship remains, but the fulfillment of that need no longer seems easy or safe. It is that exact ache, that longing, and uncertainty that drives us to Jesus. We can no longer get our need for authentic relationship met perfectly, and so we cry out to be known and loved by the One who loves perfectly.

For nine years my son had the gift of being known and loved in a safe place. Everyone in the building knew him and delighted in him. I am so grateful that he can now recognize that need for relationship within himself and understand what having that need met feels like.   I know Jesus will use that need to now draw my son closer to Himself, as he grows up and away from me.