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To be Known, To be Loved, To be Prepared

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To be Known, To be Loved, To be Prepared

To be Known, To be Loved, To be Prepared

by Dr. Katherine Koonce

I’ve been an educator for about 32 years and a mother for 28 years, and yet I continue to be amazed and a little in awe of (and a little jealous of) the energy and the curiosity and the “all-in-ness” of childhood. Childhood is a time of such wonder and growth – a time when the brain and body are growing and changing at alarming rates and it’s no wonder that what we learn and experience in childhood stays with us and helps shape us. And I feel so very privileged to be in ministry to these little ones who are experiencing their childhoods right here at The Covenant School.

At TCS, we’ve worked to shape what we do and how we do it very purposefully, because we know how important it is that each and every child be knownbe loved, and be prepared for all that God has for them moving forward. To be known, to be loved, and to be prepared – this is our intention for every child. These are what make a learning environment rich. 

When a child is known, he gains a sense of himself and the adults in his life – adults who have taken the time to really know him – can speak truth and encouragement and challenge to him in ways that propel him forward toward becoming the person that God intends for him to be. 

Everyone wants to feel loved; it is a basic human need. But when a child is intentionally loved, she has a sense of security and value that opens up pathways of learning and allows her to take healthy risks, knowing that not only does her value not depend on her successes and failures, but also that making mistakes and struggling while learning is part of the process.

And the last of our three intentions – to be prepared. Clearly a major mandate of any school is to prepare its students for life and work in the 21stcentury. The fact that all of these children were born into the 21stcentury matters in the way we educate them. We have to watch the research and always be asking the question “What do they need to know.” But at our school we’re also teaching them that while the 21stcentury skills are important for them to learn, there are truths that are just true regardless of the century they happened to be born into. They are timeless. They are true. We call them “timeless truths,” and the children know what that phrase means. The biggest privilege we have is to teach timeless Truth to our students, to show them that God’s Truth is beautiful and it’s sure and it’s literally everywhere for those who have eyes to see it. 

So, this is our ministry and it is a privilege to be in covenant with the families of this school. I invite any of you who are not familiar with the school to come and visit. I would be so happy to show you what makes this place so special. And always, always we ask for your prayers – that we would serve and teach and be in community with one another in ways that bring glory to Him who has established this school and called us to ministry within it.