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Thoughts on Veterans Day


Thoughts on Veterans Day

A young child asking a question of a veteran

by Christy Johnson, Director of Communications and Enrollment

As I was driving into work today, I passed down a street with American flags flying proudly on each side of the road.  They fly to honor our Veterans today.

It got me thinking about courage.  The dictionary defines courage as the ability to do something that frightens one. Doesn’t that perfectly define a Veteran?

I often think of courage as fear walking.  It is our fear, that emotion God gave us to keep us safe, with legs.  Courage understands the risk.  Courage understands the potential for harm.  Courage understands the sacrifice.  And, it is courage that propels those brave men and women forward toward the danger.

And what a sacrifice they make! Often deployments include a year far from family, in countries that feel remote and strange.  The familiar is gone, replaced with wonder and bewilderment.  The comfort of home is a memory. The constant becomes their courage, their fear walking forward.

In those strange lands, they encounter danger daily, the sense of safety those of us left behind take for granted, a distant memory for our Veterans. With tenacity, grit and courage, they rise each morning to face whatever adventure and danger the new day may bring.  Their fear has legs.

Maybe their intimate knowledge of fear and lack of safety strengthens their conviction to stand strong and move toward danger?  They know what it feels like to be unsafe.  Maybe that lack of safety fuels in them a desire to protect and create safety for others?  Whatever the reason for their courage, it is a beautiful expression of service to others.

It is with these swirling thoughts of others’ danger, fear and courage that I am left overwhelmed with gratitude for our Veterans.  Their sacrifice is overwhelming. Their courage is a gift for which we offer a humble thank you.