Annual Fund

This is Why We Give

Blake & Ali Bollinger
Harley, 2nd Grade, & Wyatt, Preschool

We absolutely LOVE The Covenant School! From the first day that each of our kids began at TCS, we have seen so many smiles, so much excitement, and pure joy pouring out of them. Each of our children has told us separately that they never want to leave Covenant! This is why we are thrilled to give back to a school that has already given us so much. The Covenant School has shown us that kids can love school and enjoy learning in an environment centered on Jesus—our financial support allows them to continue this amazing work!

Anthony & Winona McGown
Danti’, Class of 2011, & Vernon, 4th Grade

We have had two grandsons at The Covenant School school—Danti’, who graduated in 2011 and is studying Graphic Design at Nashville State Technical College, and Vernon, who is currently a student in the 5th grade and has been here since Kindergarten. Seeing them grow physically and academically, but most of all, spiritually, has been a special blessing. We support The Covenant School as much as we can because we know the immense impact it has had on our grandsons. Gifts to the Annual Fund directly benefit students and families at TCS through curriculum and technology enhancements, faculty professional development, and financial aid.

John & Patricia Gilbert
John Thomas, Class of 2011, & Grace, Class of 2013

Our family was blessed to be a part of a wonderful community at The Covenant School, where friends truly became family. The strong education prepared our kids for their next school. More importantly, the spiritual influence they experienced helped them grow in their faith. We will always be grateful to The Covenant School for the impact it has had on our family.

Last year, we raised over $100,000 for the TCS Annual Fund, which served to enhance the learning experiences of our students, the expertise of our faculty, and the use of our facilities. Specifically, these funds were used to expand our Preschool program to include a three-year-old class, to enhance school safety and security through the Raptor system, and to purchase a new soundboard in the Fellowship Hall. In addition, over 20% of our families received financial aid of some amount. To those of you who were a part of this effort, thank you for being sensitive to God’s leading and to giving significantly to the life of our school. Click here for a list of generous donors!

Dear Friends of The Covenant School,

The TCS Annual Fund is an integral part of the life of the school as our main fundraiser each year. This year’s theme is “Be a Superhero for TCS!” The Annual Fund allows our school to go above and beyond to be super for your kids! Tuition makes school possible, the Annual Fund makes school come alive!

The Annual Fund fills in the gap that is left by tuition. Monies from the Annual Fund support financial aid (over $150K given last year), technology, classroom and curriculum enhancements, and other items as needs arise- specifically this past year, your Annual Fund donations allowed the addition of the PreSchool 3’s program, increased safety security through the Raptor program, and a sound board in Fellowship Hall.

This year, we want to raise $120,000 ($20K more than last year). We can do it with your help! Will you prayerfully consider how you can support the school through the Annual Fund this year?


Jeremy Kath
President, Board of Trustees