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Summer at Covenant Week 7

Week 7: August 1-5


All Day:

Kindergarten Readiness Camp
Rising Kindergarteners ONLY!
Led by Christina Dunlap
Incoming Covenant Kindergartners will get the chance to get to know the kindergarten classrooms and each other. They will earn daily kindergarten badges for the different activities they participate in as they “re-ignite” skills like tracing, drawing, color, raising their hand, listening to a story, taking turns, and using scissors and paint.

Indiana Jones Adventure Camp
Rising 1st-3rd Grade Boys
Led by Matthew Sullivan
Come on an incredible series of adventures as none other than Indiana Jones leads us on a wild quest for the Sapphire Dragon! It’s been hidden for centuries somewhere in the Hills of The Covenant School, and we need brave and creative boys to help Indy find it and restore it to its former glory! This camp will blend all of our campers’ talents and skills…we need athletes and artists, map-makers and discoverers, diggers and climbers. Every day (even every hour!) will be different from the one before, and we might even have to fend off some villains along the way! If you are a boy who loves a rollicking ride and enjoys having fun with other explorers, this camp experience is for you!