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Reflections on the Resurrection

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Reflections on the Resurrection

by Christy Johnson, Director of Communications and Enrollment

Over this past Easter weekend, the weight of the magnitude of what transpired on the cross has been heavy on my heart.  The absolute darkness that Jesus endured is something that none of us can really comprehend.  Even in the darkest moments of my life, I was never utterly alone; God’s face was never turned from mine.  However, that is what Jesus endured for me, an utter and complete darkness, a loneliness and pain that I cannot even begin to comprehend.

The confusion his friends and family must have felt as they watched their hope die on the cross. That loss of hope, that grief, must have felt so heavy and dark.  They thought love would intervene, but instead, all looked lost.

As I have sat and reflected, the idea of darkness and light has played over and over in my head. Ever since I discovered my passion for photography at age 16, the beauty of light has captured me.  I notice the lighting everywhere.  I love the way light changes throughout the day, the way it shimmers and dances over objects, how it can be a spotlight or a soft glow. I am completely fascinated with the way it illuminates the world, always shifting and changing, highlighting and revealing the beauty around me.

I love that the Bible uses the metaphor of light to describe Jesus.  There is so much darkness in the world today.  You only need to read the news for a few minutes to feel the oppression. We have all also been personally touched by that darkness in our lives.  We’ve been broken in ways that have caused us to try and hide our hearts and souls from further pain.  No one is immune from the darkness, from the death and pain that fills so much of life. Yet, it is only by walking thru the darkness, that I have come to appreciate the beauty of the light.

That is why I am so overwhelmed by the resurrection.  Light conquered the darkness.  In Jesus’s rising from the dead, love intervened and death lost its power.  It is a story that plays out over and over in my life.  It is personal and real.  As I expose my darkness, my brokenness to the light of Jesus, He intervenes and redeems that darkness into something beautiful and life-giving.  He resurrects those dead places inside me to life, wilder and freer than I ever dreamed, full of joy and wonder and overflowing with unexpected gifts.  I could never have fully understood the joy of the resurrection without first experiencing the sting of death.  It is the promise of the cross: our death and pain will not have the final word.  Love and light will intervene and beauty will prevail.