The Covenant School Title background

Learning Services

Each student’s academic quest follows a unique path.

The Learning Services program is designed to assist all Covenant students to reach their learning goals through a “press in” model of working alongside the classroom teacher to increase student learning and support students who struggle.

The Learning Services teacher works with faculty and parents to provide any assessments needed and to schedule academic support and enrichment services. Parents are encouraged to inform their child’s homeroom teacher about any specific learning needs and about any learning services that the child has received in the past.

For each student with a diagnosed learning difficulty who is receiving support from Learning Services, an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), which details the results of testing, any diagnoses, and any out-of-school support the child is receiving, is written. Teachers make referrals for Learning Services based on the student’s needs observed in the classroom.

The homeroom teacher and the Learning Services team coordinate services for students so that each child has every opportunity for academic success.