The Covenant School Title background


The Covenant School is home to a vibrant and engaging academic environment in which each child’s curiosity and natural sense of wonder is celebrated. Strong academic standards are addressed through a carefully chosen variety of learning activities. The faculty watches the research and the educational trends and then carefully chooses best teaching practices that will most benefit the students of their specialty age range and subject matter. Classrooms are teeming with the energy of childhood as students are engaged in inquiry, observation, wonder, and learning.

The Covenant School’s academic curriculum is structured around the needs and learning styles of each age group and is based on current research and each teacher’s developmental knowledge and expertise. PreSchool is a purposefully constructed learning environment that utilizes play and child-directed learning, as this has been demonstrated in research to be the most effective means of teaching this age group. Kindergarten and first grade are the exciting years of learning to read well and to write fluently. In these years the solid foundation of math concepts is laid, and students engage in careful observation and study of the natural world. In second and third grade, students move into “reading to learn” in all their subject areas, mathematics becomes more conceptual and representational, and social studies and science broaden their understanding of the world. In fourth through sixth grade, students move incrementally closer to abstract thought, utilizing their maturing skills in working together to think critically about what they are studying. Their written expression becomes more varied in its forms and more precise in its expectations. They learn to be responsible for greater and greater amounts of material and to handle their work online and with other technologies in mature ways.