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Changing Seasons

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Changing Seasons

by Christy Johnson, Director of Communications and Enrollment

It’s hard to fathom, but somehow time always marches on.  It seems like we started school last week, yet it is now October.  The weather is changing (slowly) as the days slide by. You can sense the change in the air, there is a mild crispness, and the days grow shorter.

I find myself waking in the morning to the world outside my window covered in darkness.  There is no buttery light waking the Earth, reminding me of God’s new mercies.  I will have to rely on faith for that as I begin my morning devotion.  I know the morning light will come sometime after I rise from my quiet stillness.  It will come as I begin my day bustling around getting ready for work and life. It will sneak up on me as I hurry and prep.  I will miss seeing the world outside slowly wake as light once again conquers darkness.

But isn’t that the resurrection story?  All looked dark; it looked finished, as Jesus hung up there on that cross.  But the light quietly conquered the darkness with no witness in sight.  Life and light flooded His bruised and battered body, alone in a tomb, sealed and guarded, left to perish into dust.  The miracle was announced to a single woman, unaware of what was happening, unable to see the truth in front of her eyes.

I feel like Mary Magdalene most of the time, unable to see the truth right in front of me, acutely feeling the distance and loneliness of the night.  But, morning will come. He will call my name.  He will call your name, too. He was always there waiting, offering kindness and care.  I believe….help my disbelief.