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An Open Letter to Our Graduates

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An Open Letter to Our Graduates

by Christy Johnson, Director of Communications

Dear Graduates,

Wow! This year of immense change feels like it just began and now it is ending. It is almost time to say goodbye and we aren’t ready yet. We feel like there is so much we could still teach you and we want selfishly to hang on to your youth, your energy, your innocence. But of course, time doesn’t work like that and we find ourselves planning the ceremony that will launch you on your next adventure. It is a bittersweet time for all of us, full of excitement for the future and reflections on the past and what will never be again.

We have watched most of you grow up before our eyes. You have gone from needing the support and comfort of others as you faced the school day to being the ones that help to provide support and care to the youngest students in the school. You have gone from looking up to others to the ones being looked up too. You have all had moments of pure brilliance and moments of failure. You have had moments of glory and moments where you wanted to hide. Some of you have stepped up and into huge leadership roles and others have found the delight of quietly serving. All of you have had moments of tremendous faithfulness and moments where you have insisted on your own way over God’s way. Yet, somehow, all of these moments have blended together into a beautiful journey that we are beyond proud to have witnessed. God has used all of these little moments along the way to mold you into the person you are today, ready in all ways to take to the starting blocks of your next adventure.

You are about to embark on what for most of you feels like the biggest adventure of your life! Change is exhilarating, confusing, and scary all at the same time. However, we know from watching you grow at Covenant that you have many more moments of brilliance ahead of you! God has gifted all of you with amazing gifts and talents! However, we challenge you to make your faith in Christ so much bigger than your moments of brilliance and glory. You are headed into a time of life where you must decide who you are. To stand for what you believe in and know is Truth can feel overwhelming in the face of the enormous pressure to conform. Please remember you do not belong to anyone or anything but Christ. God has named you and called you His own.  He named you His Beloved and there is no other name He sees when He looks or thinks of you.  He adores you just the way you are, RIGHT NOW!  There is nothing you have to do to be more loved or accepted than you are right now.  Because of Jesus, you are perfect in His sight and He delights in you.  But really, how could He not?  You all are so special!

It has been our enormous privilege to have walked with you on your childhood journey. It is with a bittersweet pride that we say goodbye. We ask that you “Go Now in Peace.”


The Covenant School