Affording Covenant:

Last year for the 2018-2019 school year, 20% of Covenant School students collectively received more than $155,000 in need-based financial aid grants.

Over the last five years, Covenant has given more than $875,000 in financial aid, as well as an additional $625,000 in faculty, church, and multiple child discounts.


With an average class size of 12, our teachers are able to know, love and prepare each student individually.

Tuition and Financial Aid

We have made a commitment to making our school as affordable as possible while continuing to provide the highest quality education. Because of this commitment, our tuition rate for PreSchool through 6th grade is one of the most competitive in the area.

Tuition and Fees for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

3-day PreSchool & PreKindergarten – $6,760

5-day PreSchool & PreKindergarten – $9,950

Kindergarten – 6th Grade* – $14,480

An Activity Fee is assessed by grade for Supplies and Activities, ranging from $225 – $970.

*Kindergarten through 6th Grade are eligible for a $1000 discount for active members of Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Financial Aid

We offer a limited amount of need-based financial aid to eligible students. Please read the  Facts Financial Aid Letter  for more information on the application process.


“To be Known, To be Loved, To be Prepared”

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