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A Community of Moms

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A Community of Moms

by Sonnie Shay,  A Covenant Mom of Three

The next school year is approaching quickly. Some of us may not be quite ready, while others of us may be counting down the days. I waiver back and forth between those feelings, as we’ve entered into our first summer with slow mornings and a contentment in our own home (before this summer I was pretty much white knuckling the entire three months, followed by singing an out of tune, but every enthusiastic, hallelujah chorus as the school year started back up. But not this year BABY ;). As I am finding my mothering sea legs and not grimacing about summer as much as before, there is one thing I do miss – my Covenant School friends. You guys (girls? ladies? powerhouses?). As I keep thinking about this next school year, I think about the school moms. This community of women who look different, come from different backgrounds, are of all ages, whose strengths and weaknesses span a huge range, all coming together to support our kids the best we know how.

We are all called “mom”, but we do this mom thing in such different ways. And after some years under my belt as an elementary school mom, I’m finding there is unlimited beauty in our mom-differences. I need the mom’s who are crafty and creative. I need the mom’s who pack unbelievably good lunches for their kids and the mom’s who bake muffins for teacher meetings. I need the working mom’s who look like they are about to kick butt in a board meeting minutes after they drop their kids off at school and the haggard moms who are full of beauty without make-up or a put together outfit, because they radiate as servants, loving their kids, loving Jesus. Here’s the thing, we ALL belong here. We are ALL needed here. Our kids benefit from seeing this mom thing differently, from seeing community in its full power, and that means there isn’t the pressure to be something uniform. The “I don’t fit in with those mom’s” fear doesn’t need to be a thing here at TCS.

I’m finding more and more that we all have different thresholds for giving in a school community and as much as I want to be good at it all, I am not. I’ve learned to say yes where I can and applaud the mom’s who say yes to the things I can’t. As we learn our limits and hone in on our gifts, we have been given a place, a school, to thrive alongside our children. Our gifts are for use on behalf of our kids, and each other, and our God. He is pleased as we work in community, and I believe He delights in seeing us give what He’s created us to give and let go of the things we wish we could give, but we can’t. The good news of the gospel is that we are loved. We all belong here. I’m excited for this next school year. Excited to see how we come together to serve, to enhance our school community, to love each other beyond ourselves, and to be a starting point for our kids to love and include and challenge with grace. It will not be easy, but it will be good. I applaud you, mamas, and I’m excited to “school mom” with you once more.