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PreSchool through 6th Grade | Nashville, TN

Meet Our Community

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    Covenant isn’t just where I went to school, it’s who I am

    -Alumni student from the class of 2012

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    We treasure the community at Covenant and are forever grateful to this school for the countless ways it fosters the magic, curiosity, and excitement of childhood.

    -A Kindergarten parent

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    Our grade is really close and everybody knows each other well.

    –  6th grade student

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    Creating a community where each child is known, loved, and prepared gives us the opportunity to do amazing things in the lives of our students.

    – Christina Dunlap (Kindergarten teacher)

Picture The Covenant School through Our Parents’ Eyes

“I am thankful that the Covenant community truly knows all of my children and shows them the beauty of the gospel everyday.  It is a blessing for my children to spend their  foundational years in a Christ-centered community.”

–A 4th grade, 2nd grade, and Kindergarten Mom

–The Covenant School – A Nashville Private Christian School

Students teaching younger students

Why Choose a PreSchool through Sixth Grade School?

Making long-term school placement decisions when your child is preschool-aged can be overwhelming. Public or private? Secular or faith-based? Grades PreSchool-6th or PreSchool-12th? A Nashville Private Christian School could be your answer.

The beauty of a PreSchool-6th school is in its simplicity and innocence. Children are free to be children in a PreSchool-6th school, where there are no older, “cooler” kids to emulate and where they are fully and safely known by the adults in the school and by each other.

As fifth and sixth graders, children of The Covenant School are coached to be leaders at an early age. They practice their leadership skills with younger students as they guide and mentor them under the direction of a trusted adult. Their ownership in the school is pervasive, as they identify strongly with the school, its traditions, and its community.

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Year after year, the faculty nurtures a relationship with each student and purposefully encourages a healthy relationship between students in ways that help all children to understand their role in strengthening the school community. Our academic programming specializes in this more concentrated, age range so that students have the potential for increased academic achievement.

And when the time comes for them to make a next-school decision, The Covenant School works closely with each family, considering each child as an individual and counseling them during the application process. This enables our sixth graders to transition to their next schools with confidence.

We are thrilled to offer a high-quality academic opportunity designed specifically for PreSchool-6th-grade students within an authentic, caring community.

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You’re invited to join us for daily chapel and a tour of our campus.

Come see our students learn actively, think critically, and work collaboratively, as they recognize the nature of God and their relationship to Him in every experience.