Kristina Myrick
Athletics Coordinator

The Covenant School considers athletics an important and integral part of our educational mission and aspires to provide each athlete with a high-quality experience. This is one in which every athlete:

  • Is coached using the principles of Positive Coaching
  • Has fun at practices and games
  • Feels like an important part of the team regardless of performance
  • Learns “life lessons” that have value beyond the playing field
  • Learns the skills, tactics, and strategies of the game and improves as a player

We recognize that coaches are the people who most directly make this all possible. It is our goal to provide every coach with the tools to succeed as a Positive Coach. We are committed to creating a positive culture, in which coaches, parents, fans, officials and athletes work together to achieve our mission.

We offer the following opportunities to participate in scholastic competition:

  • Boys & Girls Cross Country (Fall, grades K-6)
  • Boys & Girls Basketball (Winter, grades 5-6)
  • Boys & Girls Track & Field (Spring, grades 5-6)

We also offer club opportunities in soccer and tennis that are designed for students to learn the fundamentals of each sport and the concept of “fierce and friendly” competition within the TCS community.

In addition to the scholastic competition and club opportunities, we work with families to find competitive participation opportunities in recreational organizations for grades K-4.

Cross Country


Track & Field

Club Sports

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