Each student’s academic quest follows a unique path.

The Quest program is designed to help all Covenant students navigate that path. Through enrichment opportunities, academic coaching and faculty and parent support, Quest helps guide students toward academic success.

Various Enrichment Opportunities are provided to Covenant students to stretch their creativity and problem solving skills. Students in first through sixth grade are challenged and encouraged as they participate in:

  • Structured research projects that utilize technology
  • Small group writing projects ranging from short stories to historical fiction
  • Interactive problem-solving activities
  • Online courses that go beyond the classroom

Equally important as challenging the advanced learner, The Covenant School provides Academic Support to students who have a demonstrated need for additional instruction and/or practice to keep pace with the TCS curriculum.  Students may receive extra help in the classroom through small groups or in Quest groups outside of class time.

Understanding the important role that parents play in their child’s learning journey, the Quest Program is also designed to provide ongoing Parent Support in the form of conferencing as well as recommending and coordinating outside professionals as needed.

Lastly, Faculty Support is provided to serve all Covenant students. Research-driven classroom strategies and recommendations for differentiation in the classroom are shared between classroom teachers and learning specialists on a regular basis. As a result, no Covenant student ever falls through the cracks. Our goal and commitment to our students is to challenge, encourage and nurture each student on his or her learning journey!



To ensure that TCS students are well-prepared for the upcoming school year, Quest coordinates summer tutoring on campus. Find a tutor that fits your family’s needs by clicking on the link below.


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“Every parent knows it takes a village to raise a child. However, if that child has Dyslexia/LD or another learning difference, you also need to arm yourself with information. You are not alone and you don’t need to navigate this journey by yourself.”


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