Our Preschool program is structured to encourage three- and early-four-year olds as they naturally build skills and understanding in the spiritual, the social, and the physical realms. Our play and exploration-based curriculum allows for lots of guided discovery and experience learning. The activities planned for them build confidence and character, a love of learning, and a budding love for God.  Our littlest Knights are cared for and loved in a way that teaches them tangibly about the love of the Father.

As with all of our academic programming, the Preschool program is designed to work in tandem with the naturally-occurring developmental milestones of its children, while at the same time recognizing the uniqueness of each child and striving to meet his or her individual needs. This first learning experience enables them to build upon their own sense of wonder and to develop a joy for learning.


Pre-Kindergarten at The Covenant School combines spiritual and academic goals for a foundation of learning success. Our experienced teachers use research-based curriculum and differentiated teaching methods to meet the individual needs of the child. Teachers provide students with a welcoming and nurturing environment that meets the sensory needs of young children. Students are guided through Biblical scriptures and stories where they learn more about God’s love and their place in His Kingdom. The Pre-Kindergarten students are an important part of The Covenant School student body! Pre-Kindergarten is wholly integrated within the school environment through participation in all the enrichment courses. Each Pre-Kindergartener has an upper-school buddy for Thursday chapel, reading time, and other special activities. The Pre-Kindergarten students develop excitement and curiosity about learning, and they build their skills through literacy, movement, exploration, play, and music.

Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.
(Early-care and After-care options are available.)
5-day Program: MondayFriday
3-day Program: Tuesday, WednesdayThursday


Will the hours of the Preschool Program be the same as those of the rest of the school?

The Preschool program will run from 8am to 2:45pm.  Parents are encouraged to drop their children off as early as 7:45 to prepare for their day. Preschool 3s will not be eligible for Before Care but will be eligible for After Care.

Are there different options for days of the week children will come?
Preschoolers may attend either three days a week (TuesdayWednesdayThursday) or five days a week. This is also true of the PreK children.
What will the program cost?
The program will cost $5,800 annually for three days a week and $8,800 annually for the five-day a week program.
What curricula will be used in the Preschool program?
The PS 3s program curriculum will be carefully developed by our teachers with oversight from the Head of School and will follow carefully constructed learning objectives. The curriculum will be strongly advised by the research and resources of the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children).
For more information about the importance of play in early education, please see
Who will teach the children in this program?

The School will hire teachers with early education degrees or with comparable degrees and experience in teaching early education.  Teachers will continue their education of up-to-date teaching practices in early education by fulfilling the school’s requirement of 12 hours of professional development per school year in areas germane to their teaching.

What types of enrichment will the Preschoolers receive and from whom?

Preschoolers will receive enrichment in the classroom in the areas of music, art, and Bible. Their entire curriculum will be activity and play-based and will incorporate lots of music and creativity every day as well.

Will the Preschoolers go to Chapel?

Children would join chapel for the singing/worship and then leave before the message.

What age range will be admitted to the Preschool 3s program?

The program is designed for children whose birthdays span roughly 8-16-2014 to 8-15-2015. Children will go from this class to a PreK class the next school year. Students enrolled in our Preschool program are required to be potty trained by the time of enrollment.

  • Our daughter comes home singing songs, singing the months and days of the week, and telling us all about her friends. She sings at the grocery store, in the car, home, everywhere! The words “I don’t want to go to school today” have not come from her mouth since starting Covenant. She walks into school with confidence every day. It is such a blessing to know she is thriving and that we made the right decision as parents.

    Tabitha Swezea, PreK parent

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