A Year of Readiness, Learning & Discovery

Pre-Kindergarten at The Covenant School combines spiritual and academic goals for a foundation of learning success. Our experienced teachers use research-based curriculum and differentiated teaching methods to meet the individual needs of the child. Teachers provide students with a welcoming and nurturing environment that meets the sensory needs of young children. Students are guided through Biblical scriptures and stories where they learn more about God’s love and their place in His Kingdom. The Pre-Kindergarten students are an important part of The Covenant School student body! Pre-Kindergarten is wholly integrated within the school environment through participation in all the enrichment courses. Each Pre-Kindergartener has an upper-school buddy for Thursday chapel, reading time, and other special activities. The Pre-Kindergarten students develop excitement and curiosity about learning, and they build their skills through literacy, movement, exploration, play, and music.

  • "Our family feels so fortunate to have Covenant in our lives. It gave our daughter the foundation she needed to be successful in Kindergarten this year. It also introduced her to the way of life at school, new subjects such as science and all the while keeping a stress free approach needed for that age group. Our daughter loves school and I honestly feel it is a direct result of how the preschool program at Covenant is run."

    The Kaczynski Family

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