Learning Services

Each student’s academic quest follows a unique path.

The Learning Services program is designed to help all Covenant students navigate that path. Through academic coaching and faculty and parent support, Learning Services helps guide students toward their best version of academic success.

The Covenant School provides active Academic Support to students who have a demonstrated need for additional instruction and/or practice to keep pace with the rigorous TCS curriculum.  Students receive extra help in the classroom through small group instruction that follows the lead of the teacher but also involves a learning specialist. Each student with a diagnosed learning difficulty who are receiving support from Learning Services is given an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), which details the results of testing, any diagnoses, any out-of-school support the child is receiving, and any support or accommodations the student will receive to support learning.

Understanding the important role that parents play in their child’s learning journey, the Learning Services Program is also designed to provide ongoing Parent Support in the form of conferencing as well as recommending and coordinating outside professionals as needed. Each school year the parents of students receiving support are invited to conference with the learning specialist in addition to their child’s classroom teacher.

Faculty Support is provided to serve all Covenant students. Faculty support includes research-driven classroom strategies and recommendations for differentiation in the classroom. In addition, the learning specialist coordinates with classroom and enrichment teachers to coordinate best strategies for specific students. As a result, no Covenant student ever falls through the cracks. Our goal and commitment to our students is to challenge, encourage and nurture each student on his or her learning journey!



To ensure that TCS students are well-prepared for the upcoming school year, Learning Services recommends specific tutors and coordinates tutoring on campus when necessary. Find a tutor that fits your family’s needs by clicking on the link below.


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