Every student at The Covenant School participates in a variety of enrichment classes weekly throughout the school year. Our experienced, enthusiastic enrichment teachers enable our students to expand their knowledge beyond what happens in the classroom. Our Enrichment classes open our students’ minds to new ideas, encourage their creativity, and help students to think and problem solve in new and exciting ways.


In addition to our daily all-school chapel, Bible classes meet twice a week for all TCS students, reflecting our commitment to instilling a Biblical worldview. Children are taught to know and love the Bible and to hide God’s Word in their hearts.  A student at TCS will study both the Old and New Testaments. We aim to help students understand that the Bible is the story of God’s love for His people and our human need for redemption.  Moreover, our entire faculty is dedicated to helping students apply God’s truth to their daily lives.


Our technology curriculum is designed to teach students that technology is a useful tool for enriching their everyday lives by integrating it with the school’s academic curriculum in every subject. The dedicated technology teacher meets weekly with all classes, and also assists the classroom teachers in incorporating the use of technology in their lesson plans. Our students in Pre-Kindergarten through Third Grade have a 1:1 iPad use, and our students in Fourth through Sixth Grade have a 1:1 ratio for Chromebooks.

Students in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten practice mouse skills and learn how to navigate web pages and selected iPad applications. First and Second Graders build upon web page and software navigation, begin learning Google Drive basics, and build a keyboarding foundation. Building upon keyboarding skills is a priority in Third through Sixth Grade. Students use a typing program and various exercises to promote speed and accuracy. Some of these activities include publishing brochures, designing and presenting multimedia slideshows, and writing creative stories. Upper-School students also create spreadsheets and graphs using data found online, film and edit videos based on topics from chapel or the classroom, and learn how to effectively use the Internet as a research tool. In addition, students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade use Google Apps to collaborate on projects through Google Drive, post new entries on their blog, and practice email etiquette. Digital Citizenship is embedded in all technology classes, and is explicitly taught through monthly lessons at all grade levels as well.


Art is an exciting and vital component of The Covenant School. The art curriculum is designed to stimulate students’ creativity, encourage self-expression, and help the students perceive the world in new and different ways. In the studio, students create through drawing, painting, weaving, print making, clay, and photography. Art history is woven into each project. Our art teacher often connects the art curriculum with what the students are learning in math, history, music, science, and Spanish to create an interdisciplinary experience.


The goal of the Music program is to give every student the opportunity to develop a lifelong love for music. Students are inspired to create, perform, and respond to music in unique ways. At each grade level, students are introduced to a variety of musical concepts. Several instructional approaches are combined in order to create a well-rounded program of study. Every student participates in musical productions each year. Productions are chosen and designed based on the childrens’ grade level and developmental abilities. All students participate in the Grandparents’ Day service just before Thanksgiving. Fifth and sixth-grade students audition and participate in a Broadway Junior musical in the spring.


Spanish at The Covenant School gives students an appreciation for language learning and diverse cultures. Students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade learn basic conversational and writing skills, as well as about life in different parts of the Spanish-speaking world. Spanish classes are interactive  – students sing, perform skits and puppet shows, cook, take virtual trips to Spanish-speaking countries, and Skype with missionaries overseas.

Older students look forward to special Spanish class traditions. Fourth graders conduct a school-wide Wacky Spanish Fashion show. Fifth graders take a field trip to a Mexican ice cream store where they order in Spanish. Sixth graders dine at a Mexican restaurant, and order, converse, and pay in Spanish.  By the time students graduate from TCS, they are prepared for any middle or high school foreign language class.

Physical Education

Physical Education at The Covenant School focuses on wellness while developing the physical, mental, and social well-being of each student. Instruction and participation in a variety of experiences enable students to develop and improve motor skills and physical fitness levels. Character building traits such as sportsmanship, cooperation, and fair play are emphasized. The Covenant School PE curriculum, INSPIRE, emphasizes the following:

Integrity – an adherence to moral and ethical principles, a goal of spiritual growth;
Nutrition – a focus on fitness, health, and healthy eating;
Skills – specific sports skills learned and practiced;
Play – an intentional focus on the fun of exercise to promote lifelong fitness;
Intellect – the study of rules and the technical and tactical side of sports and skills;
Responsibility – practicing personal behavior and care of equipment;
Excellence – instilling a desire to give our best effort for the glory of God.

As part of INSPIRE, students strive to put our Christian values first. Spiritual growth is the ultimate goal, and integrity is a foundational principle.

Nutrition and health are also emphasized. Students learn about healthy eating and the components of fitness. They learn to implement fitness goals, fitness plans, and a healthy diet both in class and in their daily lives. Specific sport skills are also a focus, and the skills build with each grade level.


The library, or Collaboratory, is a hotspot of The Covenant School! Pre-Kindergarteners through Fourth Graders have designated library time each week. Younger students enjoy story time while older students participate in author studies and learn research skills. All students may check out books from The Covenant School’s vast library collection.

Outside of library class, students come to the Collaboratory to create and tinker with various educational materials including modular robots, advanced circuitry, and coding bots. Weekly STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) challenges encourage higher order thinking and collaboration among students. Students can spend extended time in the Collaboratory before school, or after school during Maker’s Club or as part of the TCS Lego Robotics team.

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