Mission and History


The Covenant School is a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church, created to assist Christian parents and the church by providing an exceptional academic education founded upon and informed by the Word of God. Our greatest desire is that our students will know God. We equip our students to have a Biblical worldview, to embrace their calling in this world as image-bearers of God, to impact culture and society for Christ, and to realize their potential for the greater purpose of glorifying and enjoying God forever.


In 1997, Covenant Presbyterian Church purchased the Redbud Hill property at the corner of Hillsboro Road and Harding Place, with the intent of building a permanent church home to accommodate their growing congregation. Many Covenant members and visitors inquired if the church had any plans to include a school. At that time, there were far more applicants at area independent schools than there were places, and waiting lists for school admission were commonplace. Church leadership believed in the responsibility for Christian parents to train and nurture their covenant children in the faith (Deuteronomy 6:4-8), and so the congregation was surveyed to determine if there was interest among families with young children.

The answer was a resounding yes! Leadership envisioned it was not to be "just another Christian school," but rather a school that taught from a Reformed Christian worldview. That is to say, that all truth is God's truth and to teach students anything less is false teaching. The desire was for every subject to be taught from a Biblical worldview: History is "His Story," Mathematics is unchanging and reflective of God's character, Language, Science and the Arts are to be used for the Glory of God. Covenant School would be a truly Reformed Christian education where Christian teachers would teach children from Christian families in ways that relate God's Word to every aspect of life.

Following the completion of a feasibility study, a School Planning Team was formed in early 1999. Dot Butler, a charter Covenant Presbyterian Church member and former Principal of Percy Priest Elementary School in Nashville, was named Chairman. The School Planning Team met monthly and subcommittees more frequently to accomplish the tremendous undertaking of building a school.

The organizing began and two years later, in August 2001, the school opened its doors within the newly constructed church and school campus, about half the size of what it is today. Under the leadership of first Head of School, Cathey Brewer, thirty-six students in Kindergarten through Second grade were enrolled.

The founding Board of Trustees was led by Chairman Jody Elder and included Rob Barber, Joe Blake, Josh Crane, Norma Dodson, Reverend Larry Ferris, John Gilbert, Jennifer Jernigan, Linda Lamb, Camille Latimer and Clarence Sutherland, along with Reverend Jim Bachmann, ex-officio.

By the following year there were seventy-five students in grades Kindergarten through Fourth and the new school office, classrooms and gymnasium were completed.  By the third year, the school had grown to one hundred ten students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade. 

A number of changes took place during the fourth year of the school, 2004-2005. Dr. William L. Campbell was hired as Head of School and  Pre-Kindergarten was added in 2005-2006.  The school also received its Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditations.

By the end of the sixth school year, 2006-2007, enrollment had increased to one hundred forty students who were enjoying the newly relocated playground, which was moved to make way for the groundbreaking of the new church sanctuary.

The following year, in 2007-2008, Covenant School graduated its first graduating sixth-grade class with over half the class having attended since Kindergarten!

At the start of the 2008-2009 school year, Bobby Huff was named Head of School, with enrollment at an all time high of one hundred sixty students and the inaugural season of the school's first boys' basketball team. The new athletic field was in place and by the end of the school year; construction of the new church sanctuary was completed.

During the 2009-10 school year, the school community engaged in the SAIS/SACS reacreditation process and created a five-year strategic plan. Girls' basketball was added to athletic offerings and Covenant Camps were launched for the summer.

Commencing our tenth school year in 2010-11, we welcomed Dr. Catherine Graham as Head of School, and the school received dual accreditation by SAIS/SACS for another five years. 

Through the first decade, God has abundantly blessed The Covenant School with Board of Trustee members, administrators and teachers who clearly understand their calling to train covenant children for kingdom service.