Welcome From Our
Head of School

This is an incredibly exciting time to be in the field of education – so much intriguing research, new perspectives on learning, innovative ways of teaching – and so it is also a wonderful time to BE educated as well, and your children are benefiting from this unique time in history.

Never before has our society known more clearly the skills and experiences students need to be successful in life and the environment that needs to be created so they can have those experiences and thus develop those skills.

At The Covenant School we are about this and so much more. We are about more than simply educating our students; we are participating in the miracle of their maturation – of seeing children develop into who they will be. Best teaching methods and programs, daily all-school chapel, and service-learning become the strong backdrop for the real work of helping children become who God intends them to be.

Moving forward, we know our students will change in a myriad of ways. And maturation is sometimes messy – it doesn’t happen the same way in every child. We see each child as an individual with a unique perspective and a unique contribution to make.

As we capture our students’ attention and their minds for learning we also want to capture their hearts in relationships that challenge their thinking and create opportunities for them to learn the skills that will be so critical in moving forward. Our graduates attend the finest schools in the Nashville area, where they not only excel academically but also show themselves to be young people with the character that comes from faith.

We are excited about all that is happening in our school – excited to share it and welcome you as part of it.

Dr. Katherine Koonce
Head of School